Palo Santo Smudge Sticks (Pack of 6)

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Palo Santo Smudging, Energy Cleansing, Purification sticks

MULTIPURPOSE HEALING. Palo santo incense has been harnessed for centuries cleanse, purify and charge. It's an excellent tool to cleanse a new home or new items, improve the atmosphere, and incorporate into your aromatherapy. It's also used to clear any pre-existing or unwanted energy of your healing crystals.

Just light once it is lite blow it out and you get a real nice smudging smoke. Depends on the length of usage it may need to be relighted and will go out when finished when you lay it down in an ashtray or shell.So will be ready for next time you need it.

****Make sure to lay down in a solid noncombustible object so you do not start a fire!  ****

PERFECT SIZE. The palo santo wood you will receive measures roughly 4 inches long and mostly  about 1/2" thick.( assorted thicknesses)  This makes it perfect for single session use and reliable smoke.

SUSTAINABLY HARVESTED. We source our sacred incense from South America and only from artisans who ethically grow, harvest and treat their prized trees. Live trees are never cut down or tampered with. Only the fallen branches and trunks are collected.

Note: The photo is an example not the exact sticks that will arrive. 

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