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Are you a business that would love to become part of the Love Lingo movement and start carrying and sell Love Lingo Positive Apparel? Our positive message shirts will be an amazing addition to your operation!

Awesome!! We would love to have you as part of the Love Lingo family!

Love Lingo Positive message shirts

Love Lingo does sell wholesale to businesses and works with Non-profits with fundraises using Love Lingo to spread positivity and love while making their group extra money.

For fundraisers some of the schools have the student group pre-sell our items. Which is a welcome change to the same items they usually sell. This way the young people are selling something different that is POSITIVE! Some of them have them printed in the schools colors as to show team support as well as positive vibes.

Are you a summer camp looking for a new way to dress your councilors? In the summer of 2023 Love Lingo was the official uniform for a summer camp in Northern Wisconsin. Having the councilors where Love Lingo everyday as to be a positive influence on all the young summer campers.

We have low minimums and will work with you to help you get Love Lingo in your store, studio, fundraiser, or business.

Please call or email with questions and what you are thinking of.

If you have not heard of Love Lingo Positive Apparel below is a little about our story.

Apparel For Positive People in the Holistic Healing Lifestyle
Pairing Holistic Healing Principles, Scientific Studies, Yoga, Reiki, and More to Effect Positive Change.

Lifestyle Apparel to Promote Positivity
The inspiration behind Love Lingo came from a Water Study by Masaru Emoto. The study found and showed that the molecular structure of water is significantly affected and changed by words. This study reinforces the notion that positive words equal positive change and negative words cause negative change.  (See photos)

Dr Emoto water study love photo

Since the body is comprised of over 60% water, it stands to reason that positive or negative affirmations and words can drastically impact the water in YOU as well as your way of life. 

This is why we here at Love Lingo have created a positive lifestyle brand printed front and back. So you are completely wrapped in positive words and affirmations. You are surrounded by positivity and can radiate that through your daily life. All of our products envelope you in positive loving energy, are cleansed of negative energy and enhanced through the holistic power of the Reiki. 
This is why the number 1 comment from happy customers is

“Wearing Love Lingo is Like wearing a Giant Hug!”

We believe that wearing positive words will brighten not only your day but the days of those around you. This commitment to Empathy, Love, Peace and positivity and spreading affirmations is at the core of our brand. 

Join us in “Changing the World one shirt at a time!”