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All of the models on our site are happy customers! We are nothing without the support of our customers and are proud they are joining us in our mission to inform people about holistic principles and spread positivity.

Check out some of the kind words people have said about our brand below. 


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 Lydia Parsons May 1 20234 

Energetically cleaned and reiki enhanced?!! YES PLEASE!!  I can't wait for the experiences I'm about to have in this! I can't just have one top, I need more. The tank is great to layer in, it's like a 24/7 hug!


Mark K. 2-26-24

I bought 2 shirts from you in 2018 in Boulder Junction WI one tie 
died and one green. Quantum entanglement at its finest. I enjoy
them! Thank You! They have been worn all around the country. I now
live on the beach in Daytona Beach FL which means I almost only
wear tank tops. Is there anyway I could special order some Large
Tank Tops? If it was possible I would take an entire set like this,
(Love Lingo Set of 8 Chakra Colors Tees + a Tie Die all in Large
Tank Tops) Please text me and let me know if this is possible for
Also, they have held up GREAT! Thanks again.
Mark Kapla

Amy Jo North Central WI 2-15-24

We now own two Love Lingo products! 😊
My son will barely let me wash his! he loves it so much.
The quality is incredible, designed to last.
Dave has done an incredible job with these products.

Alyssa Fantastic 10-21-23 

I rarely take pics of myself but I wore my love lingo for the walk for the world last month. Seriously, it is one of my favorite tops, I wear it all the time. ❤️  Alyssa


Jim-  green Bay, WI  June 2023

I met Dave and Love Lingo at a Holistic Wellness fair a couple years ago. I stopped and talk to him a few times over the 2 day event. His inspiration and concept grabbed my attention. Yet I could not believe it. I ended up buying a t-shirt just to prove him wrong!

It ends up I was wrong!

I wore the shirt under my uniform top at work. I could see a difference in the people around me and the situations that would happen. People were happier, less stressed and calmer. 

I also had a few days that were horrible at work. After going home after a long hard day I was wondering why the day went so well and I stayed so mellow all day. After taking off my uniform top I noticed I was wearing my Love Lingo t-shirt. WOW! What an eye opener! Your shirts affect the person wearing them as well as people around them!

I am stopping by your booth today to let you I was wrong and what a true difference your products do make! As well as to get a couple new shirts for myself and other people I know can use the positive High Vibes.

Thank you for what you do and for making a difference in peoples lives!


- Mary Fabry- 6/19/23

I just bought a tank top from Love Lingo over the weekend. It’s very soft and comfortable to wear. I love the fit of it and the positive messages on it. I would definitely buy more clothing items from him. He’s a very nice guy.


-Lori Hort Baker- 4/17/23

"I love, love, love my tshirt. and have gotten so many compliments."



- Jill Beverlin 7/5/2022

"So many of us wonder what we can do to help change the world. This is one great thing ALL of us can do! Wearing one of these items raises your energy level, puts positive vibes out in the world, and shares a narrative of love and positivity. We need this! Glad to have this shirt!"


- Peggy 6/10/2022

"Wow! Clothing that makes a difference! The positive words on the apparel radiate as soon as you put it it on! Great Job with the entire line! I highly recommend. Sending Love!"


Marilyn Murphy 5/2/2022

"I Love, Love, Love Lingo! I've purchased several items, a sweatshirt, and a Tee shirt. It feels like your wearing a great Big Hug! The fabric is so soft and comfortable, like a second skin. I highly recommend Love Lingo apparel. People come up to me when I'm out for a walk and ask me, "Where did you get that?" The beautiful uplifting words that are printed on the clothing are high vibe and you feel good wearing these products. Help spread the love!"


kristine k jorstad 3/31/2022

"I really enjoy love lingo I wear the shirts a lot and have many other items as well. My work area has Love Lingo to it sure does feel like a big hug. If you have not tried it you are missing out."


Julie toth 2/12/2022

"I love love lingo, I wear tshirt under my work shirt. Makes me feel love all day long??"


Kat 2/9/2022

"My granddaughter who struggles with self esteem issues wears her t-shirt proudly"


LindaQbq 2/8/2022

"My daughter gifted me with this tie-dyed brightly-colored T-shirt for Christmas. I love it. It is quality cotton, well-made, and feels so good on my skin. It makes me look more alive and the amazing words do indeed wrap me in a loving hug. You will love these shirts. I am ordering a second one for myself!"


Michele B 2/1/2022

"Love all the good vibes of my Love Lingo shirts! People always compliment them showing me that it brightens their day too! Highly recommend!"


Holly Feuling 1/29/2022

"Bought positivity shirts and wristbands for my family and a few friends. Everyone is so excited for the boost in good energy! I wear m shirt and wristband regularly to mindfully connect and reminders to use affirmation words and embrace gratitude. Dave couldn't be more helpful, kind and attentive in getting your ordering needs met efficiently! Thank you for forwarding kindness into the universe!"


Jinggy B. Cigrand, Reiki Master Teacher (Dubuque) 12/17/2021

"I bought the Reiki tee shirts for two of my daughters and one for me. I would wear it whenever I will be out on the road to post printed flyers for our upcoming holistic events in either Cedar Rapids or Dubuque. I found out that I usually get good vibes from those people I encountered such as the clerks of the stores where I was posting the flyers and they gladly allowed me to do so. Great vibes from the Love Lingo Reiki Tees, namaste!"


Love Lingo apparel helped me survive a stage 4 cancer diagnosis. I have worn my purple bracelet every day since being diagnosed 6-26-2020. I needed all the help I could get to stay positive and focus on healing. I AM eternally grateful for the amazing energy I received from it. I had forgotten that I also wore my fave blue Love Lingo shirt when my honey drove me to my first chemo treatment. The first pic is from 7-10-20. The other one is a year later from the day I received my last chemo treatment. 7-24-21. Thats the day I rode a motorcycle for the first time in my life at age 49. Rock on!!  Karin White Conway Milw WI

What Our Happy Customers Say

My sister bought me one of your T-shirts before I went in for breast cancer surgery. I truly feel with all the positive reactions, thoughts & love from everyone made my procedure such a success. I have been told by many, that my recovery was amazing. I couldn't wear the shirt until I could raise my arms, so I used it as a pillow case. Thanks for an amazing product. Linda  (Northern Wisconsin)

I had a really hard time with drinking water I just couldn’t stand doing it it was a total chore for me. When I was in the hospital for surgery on my leg Dave sent me a wristband of Love Lingo to help me heal. I put that on my water bottle and then ended up purchasing a few more to go on my water bottle. Today I drink absolutely gallons of water every single day with no problem. The energy certainly has helped me.❤️💛💚💜💙  Misti Mahmood  NG, Wisconsin

What is there to explain? One of the greatest ideas since sliced bread! <3 Loren Harris, Chicago, Illinois  

I love the quality of these shirts! And how I feel when wearing my shirt. Dave infuses so much love into his products, they are a must buy! Tracy Thaden SW Wisconsin 

I just love Dave and his products. They are soooooo nice!! I’ve been buying all of my note cards for my Color Street business from him. Perfect and nice heavy cardstock. Much heavier than some of the national brands  Peggy Perry, SW Wisc. 

I absolutely LOVE my Love Lingo shirts and accessories! WHY? ... because when I wear my shirts l feel great and other people often thank me for wearing a shirt with words on it that elevate their mood just by reading the words. It's such an easy way to bring a little more positivity to the world whether I'm grocery shopping or walking my dog. I particularly enjoy wearing my t-shirts when I teach classes and students often comment that they noticed a particular word that made them feel better. All of my shirts- the crew necks, v necks and sweatshirt- are great quality and have laundered well without any shrinkage or fading. I use the notecards and magnets as gifts and am excited about using my new mug. I highly recommend Love Lingo for people of all ages. CL Mpls MN

I had reached out to Dave at Love Lingo when our town was going through a difficult time. A city cop was sexually harassing women. And our city manager gave him his job back. So I felt the need to take a stand for the women in our community. I came up with the idea of doing a "peaceful" protest to have our voices heard. I thought what better than to bring the energy of the "Love lingo" t-shirts. Our community needed this positive energy! We sold shirts to be worn at the protest. We did two protests. Each went very smoothly. Peacefully and had an impact! Dave was hesitant about doing this at first and I don't blame him. Sounded kind of ridiculous. But the two meshed very well. I feel that by having the energy of the Love lingo shirts it made a difference in the energy surrounding the entire event. M.K.C.    E D. IL

I have to tell you, I bought a few Love Lingo shirts a short while ago. I am a nurse in a nursing home and gave them to residence to wear while sleeping. Myself and the whole staff can tell when they have worn them! :) They sleep better, they are in a better mood, they feel better to name a few things. The staff thank you and I know the residence that have them thank you!  Anonymous Nurse in SW Wisconsin

Such a great concept! We Love our Love Lingo shirts and the messages that they share!  RH Dubuque IA

Our daughter is 22 and autistic...when I pick her up from her home 4 of 5 times she has her Love Lingo shirt on, which makes me happy because it makes her happy �. I love my Love Lingo sweatshirt, too, got mine in Packer colors��. A real conversation starter, and always happy dialogue. KS  Madison WI

When I wear my Love Lingo I feel so safe! The positive Loving energy just wraps around me! Catherine  MPLS. MN

Bought Love Lingo chakra bands on Saturday. They changed the way my water tasted and how I feel. Great idea!   Angela G. Wisconsin Dells WI

I Love my Love Lingo Tees! One day I was in a very bad mood and did not want to even go to work. I put on my Love Lingo and before I got to work I was in a great mood. It ended up to be a super day after all!  JH Spring Green WI

I love the quality of these shirts! And how I feel when wearing my shirt. Dave infuses so much love into his products, they are a must buy!  Tracy Wisconsin

I love wearing my Love Lingo! It is amazing how you can walk up to someone and tell they are not in the best of moods. They look at My Love Lingo and a calm and smile comes over them!  SW WI

These shirts are amazing! I have worn 2 I got over a year ago every night to bed and even out and about. There are still in such great shape it is unbelievable! Thank you!  SW WI

I am SO pleased with the shirts I purchased from Love Lingo. The long sleeved shirt washed beautifully and I receive lots of positive feedback when I wear it. I also purchased a women's v-neck t-shirt that I'll be wearing once the weather warms up again. My next purchase will most likely be a Love Lingo yoga mat as they are very good quality and I love the idea of having all those positive vibes supporting me when I practice yoga!  Catherine L. Mpls Mn.

Knowing that everything is energy, surrounding myself with positive words on my tie-dye Love Lingo shirt projects the positive energy out to others. I really enjoy the smiles that result from sharing that energy.......Sandy Reiki Master/Teacher!

You're so welcome. My mother and I met you at the Manitowish Waters Independence day sale and so far have given 4 of your shirts as gifts. Love them! You rock!  Have a wonderful day! Alicia
Love my tank from Love Lingo. Received multiple compliments and positive comments! Thank you  JK Eastern IA