Love Lingo Positive Apparel and Accessories

Changing the World One Love Lingo At A Time!

" It's like wearing a giant Hug! "

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Vibration-Raising Positive Apparel and Accessories

All Products are Energetically Cleansed and Reiki enhanced!!  Love Lingo design is inspired by a  Scientific Water Study by Masaru Emoto that showed that water molecules are effected and changed by words. Positive words- positive change. The human body is composed of 60% water, by wearing positive words and phrases we affect and change the water molecules in our body in a positive way. Wearing  positive will also brighten your day and put you in a better mood . You will also make a positive impact on the people around you who read your shirt!

This is one reason why Love Lingo has become so popular with teachers. 

Become part of the movement. Help make the world a more Loving positive place by sharing the Love! Making the World a more positive loving place one Love Lingo at a time!

Promote World Peace!!

Discover how Love Lingo apparel & accessories can stimulate positive change in yours and other lives around you today!

Love Lingo Additional Information

Love Lingo's Unique Design Is Printed Front And Back

Love Lingo Products are Energetically Cleansed with Sea Salt And Reiki Inhanced

Photos are of real clients wearing their Love Lingo

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I have to tell you, I bought a few Love Lingo shirts a short while ago. I am a nurse in a nursing home and gave them to residence to wear while sleeping. Myself and the whole staff can tell when they have worn them! :) They sleep better, they are in a better mood, they feel better to name a few things. The staff thank you and I know the residence that have them thank you!  Anonymous Nurse in SW Wisconsin