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Step into the realm of Love Lingo Positive Apparel, where fashion meets holistic wellness, science, and positive loving vibes.

We're not just a clothing brand - we're dedicated to changing lives, spreading love, healing, and positivity through our unique collection of positive message apparel.

From shirts and affirmation tanks to yoga tops, you're sure to find something to elevate your vibe. Our journey is one of passion, purpose, and a deep commitment to making the world a more loving place.

My Journey - Dave Anderson

Making the world a more loving place is a calling that stems from my heart. As a Usui Reiki Master Teacher, Karuna Master Reiki Teacher, Certified Medical Reiki Master TM, intuitive and Akashic Record reader, my path has been guided by a deep commitment to healing, evolution, and personal growth. I have a passion for holistic practices that uplift the mind, body, and spirit.

While discovering myself, I found Dr. Emoto's scientific research on water and words. The Emoto Water Study demonstrated how words, thoughts, and emotions can impact the molecular structure of water. Positive words made pretty snow flake like shapes, while negative ones made distorted forms.


Emoto Water Study photos

Above are photos of water with that word on it. How the word made the water look! What water would you like in your body?

This realization made me want to be more positive inside and out! By using the power of positive loving words and affirmations on my clothing. I instantly went out bought t-shirts and magic markers, wrote on them front and back and wore them as sleep shirts. I could tell and feel a difference. So I fine tuned the words and worked on them till spirit told me to share them with you.

All Love Lingo items are printed front and back, energetically cleansed, reiki enhanced. We also encourage people to wear Chakra colors to aid in healthy Chakras or bright up lifting colors to aid in a good mood.

I hope you'll join me on this journey of love, healing, and positivity.

Find out why the number one comment is “ Wearing Love Lingo is like wearing a Giant Hug!”

Our Collection: Elevate Your Vibe

At Love Lingo Positive Apparel, we've curated a collection that seamlessly merges fashion with holistic healing. Our collection isn't just about looking good; it's a way to make a positive change IN you as well as show your positive side to the world around you!.

Join us today and help us “Change the World one shirt at a time!”

Here's what we offer:

Positive Message Tees


Our positive message shirts and affirmation shirts let you express yourself with loving positivity. Wear these to spread good vibes wherever you go.

Shop our positive message t-shirts


High Vibe Tee Shirts

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Elevate your energy with our high-vibe tees. Our shirts are designed to help you feel positive and energized throughout the day.

Shop Our High Vibe Tie Dye tees


Smudging T-Shirts

For those who love smudging and energy cleansing, Love Lingo t-shirts are a perfect fit. They reflect your spiritual practices and beliefs.


Teacher Shirts and Teacher Apparel

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For teachers, we've got you covered. Check out Love Lingo shirts and apparel that highlight your dedication to spreading positivity and knowledge.


Yoga Tanks and Yoga Tops

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If you are a yogi, find comfort in our yoga tanks and tops. These are designed to support your practice and keep you feeling good.

Shop our Positive message Yoga Tank Tops


Cute Positive Scrub tops

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Love Lingo Scrubs are a hit with medical professionals as well as message therapist, and any other positive healer! Like all other items ours scrubs have the heart design front and back. Our scrubs are our own label and are printed to special order so may take a little longer to get.

Shop our cute scrub tops


Love Lingo Positive Note Card

Accessories are a great way to enhance your positive energy radiation! We supply blankets, chakra wristbands, Love Lingo can coolers, mugs, note cards, mousepads, wood heart ornaments and key-chains, and more. Our accessories are the perfect complement to our holistic lifestyle apparel. 

Shop Our Accessories Selection Now


We aim to elevate the world's vibrations through positive apparel and holistic wisdom. Every garment created is infused with intention, designed to remind you of the power of words and the energy they carry. When you wear our collection, you show how holistic practices and living mindfully can bring positivity into your life.


At Love Lingo Positive Apparel, we envision a world where everyone radiates Love and positivity from within. As well as every where they go ( coming and going) Our vision goes beyond just clothes! We want to encourage a lifestyle that embraces mindfulness, self-love, and high-vibe living. With what we offer, we hope to start a chain reaction of positive change - one person at a time.

Contact Information

Send me a message on Messenger.

Call: +1 608-721-4311

Email: info@elevatemyvibe.com

Address: 114 E Jewett Dodgeville WI 53533

Spread Positive Vibes and Be Healthy

At Love Lingo Positive Apparel, our unique blend of positive message apparel reflects our dedication to infusing every aspect of your life with love and positivity.

Shop our collection and embrace your journey to elevate your vibe. Let's raise your own vibrations.

Contact us with Wholesale and fundraiser questions. 

Begin Your Journey

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Our daughter is 22 and autistic...when I pick her up from her home 4 of 5 times she has her Love Lingo shirt on, which makes me happy because it makes her happy �. I love my Love Lingo sweatshirt, too, got mine in Packer colors��. A real conversation starter, and always happy dialogue. KS  Madison WI

I love the quality of these shirts! And how I feel when wearing my shirt. Dave infuses so much love into his products, they are a must buy!  Tracy Wisconsin