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Hello and welcome to Love Lingo!

Making the world a more loving place is my mission. Encouraging and helping others on their path to healing, evolving and personal growth is my passion. I am a Usui Reiki Master Teacher, Karuna Master Reiki Teacher (R) and a Medical Reiki Master (TM)

In my many studies and personal growth over the years, I had run across a scientific study on water By M. Emoto. It took photos of water under a microscope to show how words, phrases, thoughts, and feelings affect the molecules of water. Positive words, thoughts feelings positive effects on the molecules creating beautiful photos. Below are a few photos of some positive and some negative words and sayings. Note the beautiful snowflake shapes  and the distorted images as well. That was when I decided I wanted the water in me to look like the beautiful images and NOT the other  ones. I also started really watching the words I said and thought!

This study inspired me! The human body typically consists of 60% water. I had the idea of creating a sleep shirt to make changes in myself while I slept. After years of working on them, I have developed a unique, vibration-elevating design. Having personally witnessed the positive effects of these products. As well as sharing with friends and family with the same effects. I now wish to share the greatness with you!

After sharing them, I have had many people state that they want them for many other reasons then just to sleep in. From Yoga, mediation to wearing to negative work or events, to wearing when in a bad mood, to just wanting to be positive. Many see it as a way to help make the world a more positive, happy, loving, peaceful place by sharing the words and messages with others. Just by wearing them in public.

Elevate your good vibrations and stimulate positive change in your life by wearing and surrounding yourself with my unique loving "Love Lingo " design. ( shirts printed both sides)

Excellent for gift giving!! Do you know someone who could use a little joyful boost or possibly a special friend in need of an attitude overhaul?!? Don't we all?! :)

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Our daughter is 22 and autistic...when I pick her up from her home 4 of 5 times she has her Love Lingo shirt on, which makes me happy because it makes her happy �. I love my Love Lingo sweatshirt, too, got mine in Packer colors��. A real conversation starter, and always happy dialogue. KS  Madison WI

I love the quality of these shirts! And how I feel when wearing my shirt. Dave infuses so much love into his products, they are a must buy!  Tracy Wisconsin