Love Lingo Unisex Scrub Sets (Pre-order)

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 Love Lingo Unisex Scrub Sets (Pre-order)

These Unisex Cut tops with half sleeve and with 2 front lower pockets, bottoms have 2 pockets as well.

Printed front and back with the Love Lingo Heart Design! ( Bottoms not printed) What a great addition to any or all Medical workplaces. Think what a great addition these will be to the children's wing!

Our products are energetically cleansed and Reiki enhanced for the ultimate in positivity! 

Quality-made scrubs v-neck top with lower pockets unisex. Expertly crafted with reinforced seams provides superior durability. It also offers side slits for added comfort. 48% Cotton 52% Polyester.

A very soft and comfy blend.

In addition to nurses, we have many different occupations utilizing Love Lingo scrubs. The positive messages and vibes with 2 front side pockets have many uses! Massage therapists, Gem specialists, just to name 2.  

 Please see the sample colors in the photos as I currently do not have photos of each color posted as A scrub.

Please note these come in 37 different colors. Only have a few listed as limited space for variants on the website.******* If you would like a color in the below list that is not on this order page please email and I will accommodate you.******

Please note these are ordered, then printed per your order so they will take a little time to get them to you. Thank you for understanding.

****Depending on situations beyond our control there could be times they may take up to a month to get to you. 

37 COLORS  (Navy, White, Black, Dark Royal / Galaxy Blue, Red, Ceil Blue, Purple, Light Hunter Green, Royal / Light Royal, Burgundy / Wine, Bahamas, Dark Pink, Grey, Teal Green, Khaki, Light Caribbean Blue, Light Pink, Light Brown, Orange, Beige, Yellow, Caribbean Blue Dark, Olive, Parrot Green, Dark Brown / Chocolate, Hunter Dark, Candy Orchid, Dark Wine / Egg Plant, Violet, Powder Blue, Silver Grey, Sea Spray, Raspberry, Mint, Peach, Tangerine, Turquoise)

Love Lingo donates part of its profits to the Make a wish foundation.