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Love Lingo

Love Lingo Unisex Positive Heart Design Scrub Tops (Pre-order Pre-pay)

Love Lingo Unisex Positive Heart Design Scrub Tops (Pre-order Pre-pay)

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Love Lingo Unisex Scrub Tops (Pre-order Pre-pay)

Unisex Nurses Scrub Sets Printed with our Love Lingo Positive Heart Design on front and back.

Very popular! 

Inspired by the Emoto Water study!

All products are energetically cleansed, and Reiki enhanced for your energetic well-being. 

Please note this item is a preorder and we print to order 1 time a month.  ( after the end of the month)

Free Shipping!

These Unisex Cut tops are with 2 front lower pockets.

Printed front and back with the Love Lingo Heart Design! What a great addition to any or all Medical workplaces. Think what a great addition they would be to the children's wing!

Our products are energetically cleansed and Reiki enhanced for the ultimate in positivity!

Quality-made scrubs v-neck top with lower pockets unisex. Expertly crafted with reinforced seams provides superior durability. It also offers side slits for added comfort. 48% Cotton 52% Polyester.

A very soft and comfy blend.

In addition to nurses, we have many different occupations utilizing Love Lingo scrubs. The positive messages and vibes with 2 front side pockets have many uses! Massage therapists, Gem/crystal specialists, just to name 2.

Please see the sample colors in the photos as I currently do not have photos of each color posted as A scrub.

Please note these come in 37 different colors. Only have a few listed as limited space for variants on the website.******* If you would like a color in the below list that is not on this order page please email and I will accommodate you.******

Please note these are ordered, then printed per your order so they will take a little time to get them to you. Thank you for understanding.

****Depending on situations beyond our control there could be times they may take up to a month to get to you.

37 COLORS (Navy, White, Black, Dark Royal / Galaxy Blue, Red, Ceil Blue, Purple, Light Hunter Green, Royal / Light Royal, Burgundy / Wine, Bahamas, Dark Pink, Grey, Teal Green, Khaki, Light Caribbean Blue, Light Pink, Light Brown, Orange, Beige, Yellow, Caribbean Blue Dark, Olive, Parrot Green, Dark Brown / Chocolate, Hunter Dark, Candy Orchid, Dark Wine / Egg Plant, Violet, Powder Blue, Silver Grey, Sea Spray, Raspberry, Mint, Peach, Tangerine, Turquoise)

Love Lingo donates part of its profits to the Make a wish foundation.

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