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Love Lingo

Love Lingo Tie Dye Wrist Bands

Love Lingo Tie Dye Wrist Bands

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Our very popular wrist bands are now available in a Tie Dye version.

Where them on your wrists, put them on your water bottle to change the structure of your water ( see our story for more information).

Many people have told me that once they put it on their wrist they feel so great they Never took it off!

I know one family that use them to keep track of whose drinking glass is whose. So they do not keep getting a clean glass every time, saving the planets water and money.

How fun will that be! Be a Positive influence and Tie Dye!

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Customer Reviews

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Misti Mahamood
I now drink lots of water

I had a really hard time with drinking water I just couldn’t stand doing it it was a total chore for me. When I was in the hospital for surgery on my leg Dave sent me a wristband of Love Lingo to help me heal. I put that on my water bottle and then ended up purchasing a few more to go on my water bottle. Today I drink absolutely gallons of water every single day with no problem. The energy certainly has helped me.❤️💛💚💜💙

Tye Dye Wrist bands a big hit on my last Cruise.

I only bought 5 and got a sixth one free, but I could have given away many more on my recent Cruise on the Norwegian Pearl, on the TRAIN Cruise though Sixthman. They were very popular and will order more soon. Thank you Love Lingo for such a cool product.