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Love Lingo

Love Lingo Unisex Short Sleeve Tie-Dye 7 Chakra Colors Tee

Love Lingo Unisex Short Sleeve Tie-Dye 7 Chakra Colors Tee

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Activate Your Chakras With Our Positive Message T-Shirts 

Inspired by a ground-breaking study, our tie-dye positive message T-shirts bring positive affirmations into your daily routine. Order yours today. 


Our inspirational unisex t-shirts are made from a soft cotton blend and feature all seven colors that represent the main chakras. They also feature a printed design front and back with inspirational words and messages and a tie-dye design that makes each one unique. They offer a relaxed fit perfect for everyday wear, whether you are teaching in a classroom, hiking, or any other activity. 

Change Your Words; Change Your Life

Our beloved ladies' short-sleeve tie-dye 7 chakra colors t-shirt was inspired by an innovative study by Dr. Emotoi. This study found that words can impact the molecular structure of water, which makes up 60% of the human body. 

Our goal was to create a T-shirt that reminds you of the power of your words while encouraging you and those around you to speak kindly to themselves. It also features the seven main colors of the chakra to encourage balance and harmony in your body.

If you want to bring more joy into your life, order your T-shirt with a positive message today.

Embrace the 7 Main Chakra Colors

The seven chakras are energy centers in the body, often associated with various physical, emotional, and spiritual qualities. Each one is represented by a different color. Practitioners believe that when your chakras are in harmony, you will enjoy better mental, physical, and emotional well-being. 

Our 100% cotton positive affirmation shirts feature all seven colors in a unique tie-dye pattern to symbolize the balance of these energy points. They also feature positive words and sayings to promote positivity and encourage wellness. 

They are perfect for teachers' apparel or as smudge shirts. Each one is also reiki-enhanced and energetically cleansed.

Inclusive Sizing for Everybody

At Love Lingo Positive Apparel, we believe that everyone deserves clothing that brings peace to everyone around them. That is why we carry our positive message shirts in a wide range of sizes, from Youth small up to 4XL. 

Love Lingo Positive Apparel: Changing the World One T-Shirt at a Time

At Love Lingo Positive Apparel, we are on a mission to make holistic wellness accessible to more people through our books, teachings, products, and apparel. Our company was founded by Dave Andersen, a Karuna Master Reiki Teacher, Certified Medical Reiki Master™, and Usui Reiki Master Teacher. 

Andersen is passionate about merging fashion with holistic practices so you can incorporate healing into every aspect of your life. Our ladies' short-sleeve tie-dye 7 chakra colors t-shirt received a silver medal in the 2020 COVR Visionary Awards due to its unique approach to holistic apparel. 


What Our Happy Customers Are Saying

I have been wearing love lingo shirts for a few yrs now. I sure can tell when I have one on. I stay clam and at peace all day long. I have given many shirts as gifts to my friends and they love them. So if you haven't already tried one I really think you should.  Kristine Jorstad  7-23-23


Radiate Love and Healing With Our Chakra T-Shirts

We created our positive message T-shirts to help you use the power of your words to inspire real change in the world - starting with yourself. If you want apparel with a purpose, order your high-vibe shirt and embrace positivity today. 


Care and Cleaning! 

I suggest you wash inside out in cold water and line or flat dry if at all possible. You do not have to however it will extend the life of the item.

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