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Love Lingo

Love Lingo Set of 8 Chakra Colors Tees

Love Lingo Set of 8 Chakra Colors Tees

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Love Lingo set of 8 Love Lingo Classic tees in the 8 Main Chakra colors.

Now you can wear the proper color Love Lingo for the Proper Chakra you are working on. That is More then one Chakra/shirt a day for the week.

The reason for 8 is the Heart Chakra is Pink and the Heart Center is Green. So truly the Heart has 2 colors.

Elevate your Vibe and open and work on your Chakras at the same time!

Love Lingo was inspired by the Emoto water study, printed front and Back, Energetically cleansed and Reiki enhanced for the Ultimate Positive Experience!

The set is at a 22% discount compared to the normal per shirt price of Love Lingo Positive Apparel and Accessories

These ship USPS Flat Rate Medium box!

Fast Shipping!

We normally ship within 24 hours. ( Unless a weekend or Holiday)

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