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Love Lingo

Love Lingo Chakra Colored Positive Wristbands

Love Lingo Chakra Colored Positive Wristbands

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Love Lingo Chakra Colored Positive Wristbands 1 inch rubber available in all 9 Chakra colors.

Awesome wrist bands.

Work wonderful on water bottles, use to change the water structure of your water per the Dr. Emoto water study. Elevate your vibe in positivity with Love Lingo Positive Apparel and Accessories!

Changing the World one love lingo at a time!

We normally ship within 24 hours.

I Bought Love Lingo Chakra bands on Saturday. They changed the way my water tasted and how I feel. Great idea! Angela G. Wisconsin Dells, WI

See our interview on Wisconsin Women TV show Madison WI

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Customer Reviews

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Keep your mind on Love and improve everything in your life. These bracelets are the best!

Misti Mahamood
I now drink lots of water

I had a really hard time with drinking water I just couldn’t stand doing it it was a total chore for me. When I was in the hospital for surgery on my leg Dave sent me a wristband of Love Lingo to help me heal. I put that on my water bottle and then ended up purchasing a few more to go on my water bottle. Today I drink absolutely gallons of water every single day with no problem. The energy certainly has helped me.❤️💛💚💜💙

Catherine Liska
High Vibe for My Wrist AND My Water Bottle!

I have 2 of these positive chakra color wristbands. I wear the crown chakra band around my wrist - feels great! And I use the heart chakra wristband around my water bottle and/or my reusable coffee mug to add some positive vibes to whatever liquid is inside. Although I own a Love Lingo coffee mug, I have found that these wristbands are a wonderful way to make ANY other beverage container high vibe, and they are small so can be carried in my pocket or purse when not in use. And, of course another advantage is that they can be cleaned up easily with a rinse of soap and water if necessary. I've been considering the idea of purchasing the entire set to wrap around my reusable water bottle just because it would be so pretty like a rainbow!