Don't Use The Word Try! How and why this changed my Life and could yours.

Don't Use The Word Try! How and why this changed my Life and could yours.

This journey has been full of surprises and that is putting it mildly! While growing up and going to school English and writing was far from my best or favorite subject. They always were the farthest thing from my mind and had no desire to even learn them. Many years later enter the Emoto water study. That got my attention but that was on the energetic level. If you are unaware of that study please go and read a couple of my prior Blogs. It is well worth the time learning about that study. When I saw it got my attention it hit me between the eyes. Since that time and starting Love Lingo in July of 2017 words have brought on a new meaning to me. It started with picking the proper words for the Love Lingo design. That can be a whole Blog in itself, ok at a later date. Now when it comes to words new things and directions keep popping up. It is like the universe chooses to make sure I evolve and help others to evolve as well.
      I started posting on Love Lingo Facebook as business posts. The next thing I knew I was writing about positive word posts. ( If you follow Love Lingo on FB or Livelingo1111 on Instagram you will know what I am talking about. If you will please follow us! ) Except that I have evolved more since then and the topics get larger. The one constant is you can count on they will all be positive Loving posts that make you think and grow! Many of the posts in the past, as well as today, have to deal with the words on Love Lingo. The words that seem to show up often seem to be Love, Gratitude, Peace, Empathy. With the power and high vibration of these words it only makes sense they show up often. There is also the fact that these words are words most of us need to learn, study, take to heart and actually Live. My posts have grown over time as have I and I know they (I) will continue to.
     Over the last year, I have had people mention that I need to start teaching classes on and about words. As well, certain topics keep showing up for me to discuss with people. It appears many of us all have a challenge with some of the words we use on a regular basis. By saying or using these words it affects the outcomes we have in our life. Maybe I should say the lack of outcome we have in our life! I will cover a couple of them in the rest of this Blog. It is important that we understand and properly use or NOT use these words! I have learned that yes it is a word, but that word is a very powerful thing. It has a meaning, a vibration, a frequency! Per the Emoto Water study, they change the Molecular structure of water, they can assist us in manifesting or NOT manifesting our goals and dreams. As well tell the universe things we mean in a whole different way!

  When it comes to these words, some of them are very small (short) and yet have huge meanings! Let us start with the word TRY.  Almost everyone uses it. Most of us overuse it and it is a word that we may decide to never use, I know many people who use this word to the extent that it really is...... an excuse, a cop-out. " I do not know if I can make it, but I will try" When in truth they mean "I have NO intention of showing up, but I do not want to tell you that!"  Some of them do not realize that they are doing it, however, it just happens because of the word. The vibration of the word is low so it creates very low results. I can not discuss the word try without the mention of Yoda. Remember in  The Empire Strikes Back the scene with Yoda speaking to Luke. Luke basically says " I'll Try," Yoda says " NO! Try not. Do, or do not, there is no try. "  This is so true! It hit me and I understood the word try from that point forward. It was not till hearing it put different when they explained this scene and put the word to try to the test. Then is when the lights came on and I really understood. Do this for me lay a pen on the table in front of yourself. Now reach over and try to pick it up. How did you do? Did you pick it up? If so, let us TRY it again! Reach over and TRY to pick up the pen! Really TRY! You see there is No possible way to try and pick up that pen. You are either going to pick it up or you will not pick it up. I do everything I can to never use the word try as well as other words that I will discuss next and in other Blogs. To me, it is a weenie word, a way for an out, an excuse and sometimes a safety net. "Well, I tried!"  Think of the last time you used the word try. What did you say? How did it come across? Who was it to? Seriously think of the whole situation. What was the outcome?  Let's take a look at it on a personal note. You need to do something, maybe you are taking a test. You can either tell yourself you are going to try and pass it or you can tell yourself you are going to pass it. Which test will you pass? To be honest you truthfully say " I passed this test!" Telling yourself it is complete and you passed it already. That is another Blog! It is very important to our goals and dreams, how we state things to ourselves. I believe you can see that using the word try, is not in your best of interest. I have some people mention children and that we need to teach them to try. I disagree! To be honest I correct children all the time when they use the word try. Instead of try, what about do your best, Let them know it will work or it will not work. In that case, what is another option we can see if it works? Eddison worked on the light bulb thousands of times. He did not fail and he did not try, he found out how many different ways it would not work until it did work. It all comes down to being and staying positive! What a better way to be and stay positive than to tell yourself that will do it ( succeeded) and not just try? This way you are programming your mind to do it, not just try! We need to be serious about what we are doing and learn to be more in the present!

    If you have not seen The Empire Stricks Back or any of the other in the trilogy with Yoda. I encourage you to watch them or at least search Yoda Quotes online. I mention this because many of the quotes will make you think about things in a different way. I will end with one more Yoda Quote. " You must unlearn what you have learned."  This is why I will be covering some words that we may choose to unlearn!

   I wanted to cover another word here, which is the word want. Since I ended up getting a little longer here then I choose to.. I will cover want in the next Blog. You are going to want to read it! ;)
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