The inspiration to why I started Love Lingo Positive Apparel

The inspiration to why I started Love Lingo Positive Apparel

Pairing scientific studies and Holistic principles. A Blog to explain the inspiration, concepts, design, and birth of Love Lingo Positive Apparel.  I am choosing to do this in more depth then I did in our story on the website or on FaceBook. This will give you a better understanding of my inspiration and the processes that went through the creation of Love Lingo.
   A few years back I learned about the amazing Dr. Masaru  Emoto Water Study. He did a few different studies I will mention one of them. I will not get into the exacts just the basics so you understand the main point.  Dr. Emoto took water, put it under a microscope and took a photo of it. Then he put the same water in vials and labeled them with many different words. Some of the words were positive and some were negative. He basically left them overnight or for say an 8 hour period of time. Dr. Emoto then took each vial of water put the water under the microscope and took the photo again. The results were amazing! The word its self changed the molecular structure of the water. Positive words created beautiful almost snowflake looking photos. The negative words made rather distorted almost disgusting looking photos. In my opinion, Love and Gratitude together made the most beautiful photo! You will have to Look the Emoto water study up online, youtube or pick up one of Dr. Emotos books. This water study is amazing.

Note the beautiful snowflake type images of the positive words and the distorted images of the negative words or sayings!  

Photos from Dr Emoto water study

    The study results hit me right between the eyes, words change water, we are 60% water, so those words will/can change us! So I went out and bought t-shirts, permanent markers and wrote on them and slept in them. I was blown away when I could tell a difference! I worked on them for a couple of years, making minor changes in the words, location and continued to sleep in them. This is the reason why I have them printed front and back, I noticed the most change. This way you are completely wrapped and surrounded by positivity and love! I wanted to make sure I got those positive words in direct contact to both sides of my body. I am a Master Reiki Teacher in both Usui and Karuna Reiki. With what I had learned from that I knew I had to take this one step farther. I know, understand and believe that everything is energy, it has a vibration a frequency, a cause, and effect. I know that everything can and does takes on energy both positive and negative. If you are in a bad mood, that bad mood energy can be transferred to something you hold and or touch. With that said I chose to make sure Love Lingo was cleansed from any of that type of energy. So I make sure to energetically cleanse all our products with sea salt and Gemstones. I also realized that if I Reiki enhanced each product would also add a benefit to the wearer or users. So I Reiki enhance all our products as well.     After  I had worked on them for that period of time  I was told that is was time to bring them out to the public.
    At that time  I brought them out as sleep shirts since that was how I had been using them. People said to me: "Sleep, I want to wear mine to work because work sucks!" "Or to yoga, to meditation, to school! " Of course many of them wear them to sleep as well. I personally wear them all the time! Which I will cover more a little later. I started out with selling them at Holistic Expos. Where I explained the inspiration or people would walk up and say one of 2 things. " I need one! I Love it! Dr. Emoto water study, right." or " I have to tell you something, Dr. Emoto did a study with water and words..." So they knew about the study and understood Love Lingo or they knew of it and felt they needed to make sure I learned and knew of it. Then I started doing a few other types of vendor shows which I had to explain my concept to everyone. Then it happened, the 1st two teachers in town each bought one to wear to school. As of now about 2/3 of the teachers in that school all have the same color shirt and wear them to school. From that time forward Love Lingo has become a Movement in our area! Teachers are wearing to school to be a great influence. Every show I go to it is Loved by teachers. It has now grown into a wider group altogether, Nurses, Daycare providers and everyone wishing to be positive and spread Empathy, Love and Peace to the world. I have had many suggestions from Nurses for scrubs/smocks so that is on the way in the near future. Almost every one of our products was a suggestion from our customers. I love all the suggestions, support, photos and testimonials that I get from our customers.! I have had a few people tell me "It is like wearing a giant Hug! " I have had some people tell me that Love Lingo is all they want to wear or they have to wear them all the time. Which is what I do! I do this for a few reasons, one is I do sleep in them as I originally designed them for, I know I sleep better, feel better in better spirits. My life has changed in many positive ways since I created and wear this product! Of course, I wear them to promote them, as it in my business. That would only make sense. When I wear them I started noticing the effect they had on people. You can walk toward someone that you can tell is not in a good mood or feeling bad. As you get closer you can see their demeanor or attitude change. You can see that face begin to smile! This without them reading the words. I have had a person or two that did not change on their own so I would look at them and  Say "Just read the top 2 lines." They instantly change and smile!  I know it changes people just by being near Love Lingo. This is the main reason I wear them all the time and everywhere. I feel if I can change the world a little and make it a more Positive, Peaceful, Loving place by wearing a shirt. I am all for that!
     In closing, I would like to thank you for taking the time to read this Love Lingo  Blog. I hope you gained some knowledge from reading it and have a better understanding of Love Lingo. I would suggest checking out his water study, his rice study as well as others. If you have not seen it there is a good fairly recent video of a school that used plants to show the students the effect of words ( bullying)  Positive words the plant thrived, negative bullying words the plant withered and died. Well worth watching!
     Love Lingo is energetically cleansed and Reiki enhanced for the ultimate positive experience in Apparel and Accessories! With Love Lingo printed front and back it allows the wearer to spread and share Empathy Love and Peace to others just by wearing their Love Lingo. Help us change the World one Love Lingo at a time! To see all our fun colors and styles chick here!

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