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What is Reiki? Life Energy! Why Love Lingo Energetically cleansed and Reiki enhanced.

What is Reiki? Life Energy! Why Love Lingo Energetically cleansed and Reiki enhanced.
January is half over it is amazing how fast time goes by. I hope your goals are moving along smoothly and that the last blog helped shed some light on them. I know it has been an added help to myself to be helping all of you.
    In my prior blogs and on my website about us section as well as all the product descriptions I mention subjects that may need further discussion. This blog is dedicated to those subjects. I have mentioned many times that everything is energy. Everything has a vibration a frequency and everything affects everything. Hopefully, you have read prior blogs or info on the website as well as looked up and studied the Emoto water study. If not I encourage you to do just that. The photos of water and how they change with different words is just amazing! It will also give you a different outlook when it comes to energy and cause and effect.
   Years back I found myself as a shell of a person. It was mentioned to me that I should have a Reiki session. That Reiki would help me. I had heard of Reiki however never had a session. Being the open-minded soul that I am I set an appointment and went. It was amazing! I was instantly back to my old self! On my way home I knew I had to learn this amazing process and bring it to the world to help people. 10 days later I was in a class learning level 1 Reiki. Today I am a Master  Reiki Teacher in Usi and Karuna Reiki as well as a Certified Medical Reiki Master TM. Since that day my life has never been the same! Love Lingo was inspired in part by the Emoto water study as well as Reiki and energy its self. I have grown as a person, a healer, and a Soul since that time.
Reiki is broken down by Rei which means universal and ki which means life force energy or chi. So Reiki is universal life force energy. It is the practice of transmitting healing energy through the hands. It is a subtle and effective form of energy healing on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. The session is usually done with a person laying on a massage table or sitting in a chair. The Reiki practitioner then places their hands on or slightly above the person sending pure white light, loving healing energy into their body. Most treatments are  45-90 minutes with 60 being most common. The hands are placed in certain areas of the body for about 5 minutes at a time. The person receiving Reiki may feel warm, cool or tingling in the area being treated. Relaxation and a very calm feeling are a common sensation. I have people refer to it as feeling comfortably numb. Reiki energy also is used to open the Chakra points in the body as well as blocked energy in our body. Many of us have been taught while growing up many things. One of which was " Do not cry, hold it in" " Do not get mad hold it in" " You only speak when you are spoken to" and the list goes on. When we hold those things in we create blockages in energy. Those blockages can and often do make us sick. Reiki helps open and release that blocked energy.        
   Reiki goes back thousands of years and is an ancient Tibetan form of hands-on healing. In the mid-1800 Dr. Mikao Usui set out to find and learn this ancient practice I will give bits and pieces as to shorten your reading here. I do encourage you to go find more information and study Dr. Usui if you have that interest. As this is a very amazing story. Dr, Usui after 7 years had learned the process but did not have the power. He went into the sacred mountains of Japan and meditated for 21 days. The 21st day in a flash of light Dr. Usui saw and learned the secret to the power. From that point on he used Reiki to help and Heal people.  Dr. Usui eventually ended up meeting a retired naval officer Chujjiro Hayashi who years later trained to be a Master Reiki Teacher so that the teachings of Reiki could be continued and carried on. Hayashi founded a Reiki clinic in Tokyo. In 1935 a young women came into that clinic from Hawaii. The women was  Hawayo Takata.  She ended up moving to Tokyo learning Reiki and years later after a Master Reiki Teacher moved back to Hawaii. Her granddaughter was trained as a young child and at the age of 27 in the late '70s took her 2nd degree. In  December of 1980, her granddaughter became her successor and started the movement of Reiki all over the world.
   Since that time Reiki has become more popular. There have been a couple of new types or variations developed over the last few years. Reiki is becoming more known but not quite as popular as Chiropractic, Acupuncture or massage. However, it is used in many of the larger hospitals across the U.S.A. There is also Medical Reiki International TM that trains Master Reiki Practitioners how to do Reiki in the Operating room during surgery and Child Birth. ( Which I am certified to do and helping get the word out) There is also a Non-profit started that is raising money so that there can be an in-depth Medical study done. Showing the benefits of Reiki during surgery. The study will be done by Doctors, nurses, and medical teams.
   With the knowledge I have gained I knew that my Love Lingo products needed to be Reiki enhanced. This way the people receiving the new  Love Lingo product have the benefits of a Reikied product with or on them. This brings the vibration of the product to an even higher level. With that said I then realized that the products themselves may contain un-need or wanted negative energies. You see energies can be carried or transferred into an item from another person or object. Let's say that the day a product is being made the person or people making that product are having a bad day. Maybe they are very upset, mad at the world or just frustrated. That anger or frustration can be transferred from them into that product. Now you buy that product and wear it or have it in your possession. That anger or frustration is now transferred to you. Have you ever noticed that you are in a great mood, you change clothes or pick up some object and now you are grumpy or upset? You just brush it off because you do not realize that that energy came through a different item. This is why I energetically cleanse all of Love Lingo products. I choose to make sure that Love Lingo is the best vibration that I can make them. I already have the vibration of certain positive words so I feel that I need to take it the next 2 steps to ensure you get the best feeling Loving and positive product possible. I know that is why Love Lingo becomes many people favorite shirts. As well as why the testimonials are so amazing and the results are so wonderful. This is why I have had a few different people tell me " It is like wearing a giant hug! "
  Now you have a little better idea about Reiki and other energies. I hope this gives you an idea why Love Lingo is Reiki enhanced and energetically cleansed.  I encourage you to go have a Reiki session, maybe take a Reiki class and wear a Love Lingo. You too may end up having a new favorite shirt, wearing a giant hug and find out why this is NOT just another shirt! To see all our fun styles and colors click here.


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