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Love Lingo the movement, changes, growth and World Peace!

Love Lingo the movement, changes, growth and World Peace!
It has been a little over 1 1/2 years since I started Love Lingo. It is amazing how fast time goes! I would like to take this Blog to discuss and mention things that have happened during this period of time. I will cover the movement, changes in both personal/business items.
    When I first learned of the Emoto Water study and Reiki I was going through a difficult time. As I mentioned in prior blogs I had become a shell of a person/soul. Someone that I did not even know any more on any level. Flash forward to now and I have become myself again and grown right past that as well! When I learned the Emoto water study I made my positive shirts and slept in them. At that time I fine tuned them and made changes while all along feeling changes and noticing a difference. Since that time I continue to sleep in them every night as well as wear them all day everywhere, This is in part to a few reasons which I will explain. First I Love the way I feel in them! Yes, I can tell and No I do not think it is a placebo effect! I also wear them because it is my business. When people see me in Love Lingo they fall in love with them and want to know where I bought them. Which is great for business and sales! One of the most important reasons is over all this time I see how it affects other people! The vibration from them is amazing which does affect and change people. When wearing them in public if someone walks toward me that is not in a good mood you can see their look on their face change as they get closer. This is without them reading the words, just by walking closer. Yes, there are some cases that I do not see the change however I know in my heart that there is a deep change in them. I love knowing I am making a positive change in them just by wearing Love Lingo! Over the last year, I have gone to many vendor shows. I spend the time paying attention to peoples actions. People are drawn to Love Lingo booth like a moth to a flame or totally repealed! Neither group is totally sure as to why and many have no idea it happened. The people who are repelled go out of their way to walk around the booth or speed up past it. The high positive energy is a feeling their body does not like and they do not even know it! One challenge with that is they could really use the positive energy and are not open to it at this time. The people who are open to the loving positive energy of Love Lingo really enjoy it! I have had a few different people explain it like wearing a giant hug!
    Then there is the case of people reading the words on Love Lingo. I have been told that the world is a negative place right now. With that said people love the idea of spreading empathy, love, and positive energy! This is one reason why they have become so popular with teachers and daycare providers. Teachers and schools are doing all they can to make schools a more positive place! With Love Lingo being printed front and back, give the teacher the chance to be a positive example whether coming or going. Meaning when walking down the hall the students see the words if meeting the teacher or following them. They also see the words when in front of the class facing or with their back turned writing on the board. Teachers and daycare providers are wearing them in front of kids that can not even read yet. Using it as a way to introduce them to positive words early in their lives. What a great example to be to those young children! With that mentioned, I have noticed when I do vendor shows that young children are drawn to Love Lingo products. Many of them keep coming back and touching them. Some say silently I will have one of these. only to end up back at the booth having a parent buying them one. You can see they just love the energy that Love Lingo puts off.
    Over the period of time I have become more positive and loving then I have ever been. I have always been like that now it is more focused and stronger. I believe I am a product of what I wear. I am more determined to help people and change their lives as well as the world! I am excited to bring this to the world. I have had a couple people that are closed minded that are bound and determined that all the changes are a placebo effect. Hypothetically let us say that is the case, then people are changing their lives and the lives of others by wearing a positive shirt. No medication, drugs, and nothing negative. What would be wrong with that?
    Over the last year and a half Love Lingo has gone from an idea to a very small business to a movement. It is amazing how people have fallen in Love with the idea, concept, and energy. People are drawn to Love Lingo as a vibration, a concept then grab hold to it as a cause. It has become more than a business it has become a way of changing lives as well as the World! The testimonials I have heard are wonderful! I do have some listed on the website and will cover more in depth in a future Blog. It has been amazing how people come up with new ideas, product, and things they know will be an amazing product. I started with 3 colors of short sleeve tees and look all the styles, colors and products we have now. This is only the beginning! I have a huge list that grows all the time. One that has been brought up many times is Nurse scrubs. Nurses want Love Lingo scrubs s that they can help patients and spread positive loving energy to them. People have also been a huge help when it comes to emotional support, marketing ideas. It has been wonderful how supportive everyone is! I am honored that people rally beside/behind Love Lingo! The right idea or person shows up just with the perfect timing for what is needed.
    I was at a Yoga festival last spring and met this amazing gentleman. He gave a small group of us a private talk which included his ideas and thoughts on World Peace. He loved Love Lingo the idea and concept. He then told me that Love Lingo will help create World Peace! I was blown away and honored! The part that really made it hit home hard was the person is at the Peace talks at the U.N. What an honor! This conversation brought home the idea that " Love Lingo is changing the world one Love Lingo at a time!" This is when I started focusing more on creating World Peace.
    In conclusion, the last 1 1/2 years have been an amazing growth cycle both for myself and well as Love Lingo. I am proud and honored that it has become a movement and has helped so many. I know this is only the beginning, I am so excited to see what the future holds for Love Lingo, myself and well as all the wonderful customers.


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