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Intentional Living: How to Make Positive Attitudes a Part of Your Life

Have you ever noticed that a simple smile can change the way your whole day moves? Just something as easy as a little quirk of the lips from a stranger seems to make the entire world brighter. Don’t you want to be part of the reason that you and those around you have a better day?

Positive attitudes play a key role in this form of positive thinking and positive living. The key is to practice mindfulness and remember that everyone around you is also going through something. 17.3 million individuals in the United States have reported some form of depression.

If you’re a person who is ready to make that change and start to practice mindfulness, let’s go over what ways you can incorporate this style of living into your life. What little changes can you make that will have great impacts on those around you?

What Is Positive Living?

Positive living is a way in which you remind your brain of the good around you. Many things in our everyday lives seemingly work to bring a great mood down. Positive living and maintaining a positive attitude means putting in time and effort to strive away from these negative factors.

There are many things that you can do to promote positivity. Positive thinking and outward expressions can change not only your day, but the day of those around you as well.

Positive living is taking time out of your day to improve your mental health and promote better for those around you. It is mindfulness, positivity, reassurance, and also leaving yourself room to grow, change, and make mistakes. This form of living does not mean that everything around you has to be sunshine and rainbows; it means constantly taking others into account too.

Take a Well-Needed Break

One way to improve your attitude and pass that along to those around you is to take breaks. We tend to get so carried away with our busy lives that we often neglect to stop for a moment. Taking a break and stopping can prevent you from becoming overwhelmed.

Breaks at work are a requirement when doing our jobs. In general, giving yourself an overall break should be a practice that we abide by in every section of our lives.

Take a moment away from your busy day to breathe and find your clarity. This helps when it comes to handling your relationships with your loved ones and even strangers. We all require a moment in time to be able to adjust our minds and focus on ourselves.

Build a Gratitude Journal

When you dedicate a moment out of every day for reflection, you see how small things have changed you for the better. A great way of sectioning out all of the negativity is to compose a gratitude journal and document the smaller moments that you may have missed. Start your journal with bullet points and highlights from your day.

This journal gives you something tangible to look back at on those days that seem never-ending. You can flip through and acknowledge that not everything about a bad day was bad.

A gratitude journal may also help you to remember what little moments from strangers helped to build your days stronger and more positive. Keep these moments in mind when you see someone else who is struggling. Working on yourself is providing a more positive outlook for the individuals who encounter you as well.

Adjust Your Own Reactions

One of the greatest ways you can promote better moods and a more positive mindset is to evaluate the way you react to things. There are plenty of things in your everyday life that you may want to react to in a negative way. Allowing yourself the room to take a step back and evaluate your reaction and improve your well-being and the well-being of those around you.

Oftentimes our reactions turn into a domino effect of negative moods. One person negatively handling things can snowball until an entire office feels that storm cloud.

Before you react to things such as handling rejection or a poor reaction from another person, take a moment to think about your reaction. Is your reaction going to cause the next person to continue passing along a negative mood? Try to take the time to think through your decisions and your moods with others.

Positive Affirmations Breed Better Moods

The secret to many positive days begins with believing in yourself and building yourself up. This could start with something as simple as looking in the mirror and telling yourself that you’re going to have a great day. Positive affirmations often begin with a mindset that you can carry along with you even in the roughest moments of the day.

Get in the habit of reminding yourself that you are loved and needed. Look in the mirror in the mornings and post out the little things about yourself that you enjoy. Remind your reflection that you have the day covered and you can take on whatever is thrown at you.

Promoting positivity in yourself is a way to work on your health. It is also a way to find that good mood and carry it with you on your long days ahead. Always try to take the time to look in the mirror and build yourself up.

Positive Attitudes Are the Chain Reaction You Need

Begin living your best life and passing along positive attitudes to those you encounter. You’ll find that not only do you feel better, but your health also sees a change for the better. The way to start that chain reaction of intentional living is to begin with yourself.

Ready to learn more about the love lingo you should know about? Find out more about how you too can display positive thinking right on your own body; we’re here to hear your thoughts and positive messages too.

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