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Goals for 2019 the whats, whys and how to's!

Goals for 2019 the whats, whys and how to's!
2019 has started and everyone and everything is moving forward, are you? We all looked at 2018 and made huge plans for 2019! At least a large number did! How have you or have you made progress in the first 9 days? I have made progress the last 9 days, however not exactly what I had expected or planned. I had a few challenges come up. I am sure you have never had that happen, correct? Just kidding! Have I let it pull me off track? No! It may have taken a little focus time to correct the challenges. There are a few that I am still working on as have become rather large challenges. A couple I had to even bring in help as too big and deep for me to figure out and do on my own. Wow! Did I just do and say that? I guess a lesson I learned and implemented in the last year was that I can not do it all and by myself! That was a huge lesson on my part. Was there any huge ah-ha moments like that for you lately? If so make sure you acknowledge them! With that being said, I believe I am still on track or if pulled off back on it already! How about you? The key is to not let things pull you off or change your positive track! At times it may be tough, but you have to stay tough! I know it is hard but we all have to and can do it! There are many, many people who have made goals and reached them! Some of them much larger than yours or mine, some of them smaller. Either way, they reached them and that is the proof that it can be done! It is like the 4-minute mile, at one time it was thought to be impossible! Then one person broke the 4-minute mile and people started doing it all the time right after that and continue to this day. So if your goal is so huge it is hard to believe find an example of someone who reached a goal or a similar goal as yours. Now you know it has been done before is it can be done again. You also need to realize that if your goal or dream is larger then anyone has ever done before. That is the universes way of telling you that YOU are the one who is supposed to reach it. There is a reason you are drawn to that goal or dream! We all just need to follow them and believe!
One of the Love Lingo goals is to continue to increase the countries that Love Lingo goes to or ends up. This also includes our FaceBook and Instagram followers growing to followers from countries all over the world. If you read last months Blog it lists all the Countries that Love Lingo had traveled to in 2018. I do know for a fact that in these first few days of 2019 Love Lingo has made it to Jamaica! :) Very exciting! Great start for the year! It may have made it more countries that I have not heard about yet. We have made progress on that and a few other goals and dreams, yet a long way to go. How are your goals coming? Making progress? A few questions I must ask you? Did you make goals? Did you write them down? Do you truly desire them? Did you write them as if you already did/have them? Or at least have a timeline? They should be in the present state, with a timeline. For instance......I am living life to the fullest in my dream log home on 40 + acres of woods with a pond or running water through it by the end of December of 2019. Keywords I AM. The next thing is do you Expect it! You have to expect it and let go of the how! You do not need to know how! Just what and when! The universe will take care of the rest! Then stay on track and inspect it. How can you expect something if you do not inspect it? Meaning stay positive, stay focused, move forwards, take baby steps. How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time, same thing with moving forward. One of the hardest things is to stay positive! I heard this idea years ago and took it to heart! So I do NOT listen to the News or gossip! None! What a great way to bring yourself down, listen to that crap! Another thing is to watch very closely what you see or read on social media! That is one reason all you see on Love Lingo (Facebook) or Lovelingo1111 (Instagram) are positive. Many of the posts I make are in some way about a word you will find/see/read on Love Lingo. What a great way to be and stay positive, read posts about Love, Gratitude, Peace, Empathy, Belief, and compassion. Yes, of course, a few posts are about Love Lingo, what is new, sale specials, studies, testimonials or photos of where they have been next. Still positive! One thing that I know helps me stay positive is I almost always have on my Love Lingo! ( If you do not know the Love Lingo story, please read it in past Blogs or in about us on the website. This will help you understand what and why I am making this comment.) I know it has helped me stay in my flow over the last 1 ½ years. My life has had many changes since I started Love Lingo! Yes for the Positive ;) I hope you wear yours as often and see/feel the difference. If you have not worn them that often maybe now would be a great time it give it a try. I had someone write the other day that they wore theirs when they had that virus that is going around it felt it helped them feel better and recoup faster. There have been wonderful testimonials which I will cover in an upcoming blog. I hope this gave you some inspiration or ideas for making this an amazing year for you! Have a wonderful day!


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