A Huge Part Is About Children! They Are Our Future!

A Huge Part Is About Children! They Are Our Future!

The Love Lingo movement took a couple large steps in helping and changing lives. Over the last 1 1/2 years, I have had many people with many ideas. One that hit a soft spot for me is kids. I have always loved kids, unfortunately, I have not had any of my own. I know I have had some impact on the raising of quite a few children over the years. I take pride in having been told by many a young person that I have made a large difference in their life and have Thanked me for it. A few of the stories and comments have brought tears to my eyes and touched my heart. I take pride in knowing that and look forward to helping many more from this moment forward. That is a huge part for Love Lingo!

   Because of my deep love for children, I had decided that I needed to find a group to stand behind and make donations to. I have given to Make A wish on and off for many years. Make A Wish grants Wishes to terminally or very sick children. ( Bring them to Disneyland or they bring Disneyland to the child, a ride in a firetruck for a couple examples or anything the child wishes for) I did have a couple options, after weighing all things out and seeing the smiles on some of the children's faces who received wishes  I decided that I  would have to have it be The Make A Wish Foundation.
    I decided to start with that I would have it be a portion of the profits and go from there. Since the time of my announcement  I have a added a donation button to the shopping cart in the website. This way people can make other donations of their own to Make A Wish. When announcing the new Heart design I decided that I would have a $5 donation ( until further notice) from each shirt go to Make A Wish as well. I hope as time goes we can grow and can up our donations. Since the time of starting this I have had close to 20 people come up to me who have had or had a friend, relative or child receive a wish from Make A Wish. The look in their eyes when they tell me their story and the deep emotions that they share is beyond words! I never knew that there were so many people close to myself or in those circles who had been touched by such a wonderful Foundation. I even was able to talk to a young woman who received a wish herself. Her story touched me so it is beyond words! The best part of this story is she was able to beat that horrible illness and is here with us today! Even with how wonderful she said her wish was, this one is better. She is now in her mid 20's. I will mention one more touching wish. There was a very young little girl with a terminal illness in a local small town near here. She became so ill that she was in no way could even think of taking the trip to Disney. So the next thing the parents knew there was a Full Disney parade and celebration in their very small rural area village. The little girl was the center of attraction of this whole parade and celebration and was a dream come true for her! She passed not long after, which is still very touching to her parents yet today. They were so happy to have seen the joy in her face because of this huge amazing wish. With this being said I am so happy and proud to have made the decision of Make A Wish as a donation.

   Another item that was brought up to me and touched my heart so of course, I said what a great idea and I will work on it. They mentioned that with Love Lingo being a promoter of Empathy Love and Peace it would be an amazing Fundraiser or schools and non-profit groups. What a wonderful idea! I being a huge kid supported thought this was wonderful so started working on it right away. I have over the years bought many products form school children in support of them and their group. To be honest I had gotten tired of the same old products all the time and know many others feel the same way. What a better fit than having Love Lingo Positive Apparel as a fundraiser product for kids to sell. These could be done in the Original Love Lingo Design or the new Heart design. Love Lingo has a reduced fundraiser cost that will allow them to have it be a nice money maker.  This will be a whole new fun product/item and something positive for them to use to raise money with. If they sell them in advance like they do with many of the products they market. We can more than likely work it out to have them made/printed in the same colors as their school colors. This can allow them to have more school pride as well. What a great fit! School spirit, positive loving words and energy, a different new product to market and a nice fundraiser for them as well!  We have done a couple fundraisers so far that have gone well for the first ones. It allowed us to work out a few challenges and make the non-profit groups some extra needed money. One was for a small non-profit special needs house that had lost some of its funding. This was a nice positive way for them to make a little extra money to help overcome their loss. I am glad to know that Love Lingo is doing its part in many ways to help change the world. I was talking to some people after working on the fundraisers. They reminded me of something I had not thought of. By doing fundraisers is a double-edged sword. As the fundraiser group is able to make money and with a portion of the profits going to Make A Wish make it a double win!

   I am excited with all these new ideas and changes that have already been put into place. Having the ability to help school groups and Non-profit groups make some many and help Make a Wish is so exciting! That on top of spreading Empathy, Love and Peace and changing peoples vibrations all at the same time! Together we can, will and are making a difference! If you would like to do a fundraiser please contact us for more information. Of course, if you will please donate to The Make A Wish Foundation.

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 Changing the World One Love Lingo at a time! World Peace!
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