Love Lingo at Stone Hedge

A Breif Look into the Year 2018 of Love Lingo

Love Lingo is traveling the world! In 2018 Love Lingo traveled to Mexico, England,France, Mongolia,Stone Hedge, Costa Rica, Myanmar, Canada and many of the US States. These are the places that I know of so far! I know a few are on the way to Jamaica as well as 2 different Mission trips in beginning of 2019. Where did you take, wear or send Love Lingo? We are also available in close to 15 businesses in Wisconsin, Iowa and Minnesota. Love Lingo added many new products and has has many new suggestions as well that are in the works. We have also been involved at a Peaceful Protest ( a calm peaceful productive event) and our 1 st  Fundraiser for Non profit groups. I had a person that goes to the UN Peace talks say that Love Lingo will help in creating World Peace. Just recently I found out that Love Lingo is nominated for clothing store of the 2018 in Dodgeville WI. We have had some wonderful testimonials as well as photos. We appreciate all the Love and support! I just found out about Pink Shirt Day and Anti-bullying Day and I am excited to promote both and do my part to spread the word!  Looking forward 2019 and all the lives we can touch in the upcoming year. Keep your eyes open for the New Design special order starting very soon as well as Nurse scrubs! Please send photos, testimonials and contact us if would like to do a fundraiser or carry Love Lingo in you store or studio. I am so very Grateful and honored  for everything that came to be in 2018! Love Lingo is truly blessed! I am so happy and proud that it has touched and helped so many people! All the support, the movement, the following is beyond anything I could have imagined! Love Lingo is indeed supported and surrounded by Empathy Love and Peace! ( as well as a few other words)   Thank you for a great year! I am so grateful and excited for 2019 and what is in store! Happy New Year! To see all our fun colors and styles click here.
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