What is Tapping and How Does it Work?

What is Tapping and How Does it Work?

What if I told you that there was a quick, simple and free tool that can stop stress and anxiety in its tracks?

EFT, or emotional freedom technique, now known as “tapping,” is a clinically-proven mind-body tool that has remarkable effects. It’s literally right at your fingertips…and incredibly easy to do!

Tapping involves using your fingertips to lightly tap on acupressure points found on your face and upper chest.

According to The Tapping Solution Founder, Nick Ortner, “Today it’s estimated that 10 million people worldwide have used tapping to help alleviate issues like depression, anxiety, and insomnia, as well as severe PTSD, physical pain, and even illness.”

How Tapping Works

Tapping is often referred to as a form of energy psychology. That’s because while you are physically tapping on acupressure points on your body, you’re also speaking phrases out loud, which brings conscious awareness to your thoughts. This allows you to access these meridian channels while also processing stressful thoughts and emotions, as well as physical pain. These acupressure points correspond to the meridian system that is well-known in Chinese medicine. Dr. Dawson Church explains, “EFT gives you the best of both worlds – body and mind – like getting a massage during a psychotherapy session.”

Taoism expert Elizabeth Reninger explains, “the meridians are the channels through which qi (chi) flows, to nourish and energize the human body. These channels exist within the subtle body.”

Current science has been able to verify that these meridians exist. They’re known as bonghan channels, and they act like a fiber optic network that runs through your body. It’s your body’s electrical system and often carries information beyond what is even possible with your nervous or chemical systems.

Louise Hay, a pioneer of the energy psychology movement, explained that disease is really dis-ease. Hay illustrated that your thoughts create an emotional response in the body.

Emotional reactions, such as fear, hatred and shame, cause a stress response in your body. When left unprocessed, this weakens your immune system over time and leads to illness, disease and even poverty. The good news is that tapping is clinically proven to stop this stress response while honoring the feelings that naturally come up in life. As you reduce stress, you open yourself up for the things you actually do want, such as joy and peace!

If you want to learn more about the science and research behind eft, check out my additional resources section below.

How to Use Tapping

In this video, ( Link below) I show you how to tap and give you my strategies for the most effective tapping. I lead you through a tapping script aimed to reduce financial anxiety.





Tapping Benefits

Change doesn’t have to be hard!

You will be empowered to know that change starts within, and when your inner world changes, your outer world does too.

I was personally drawn to tapping during a career transition. Tapping helped me to stay calm and present. I was able to use my energy to come up with creative solutions rather than stay stuck in fear and doubt. In fact, I credit this tapping script to help my transition into embodying service.

Within just weeks of my first experience with tapping, I enrolled in a life coach training program. I now coach others to align with their purpose, clear emotional clutter and get in the driver’s seat of their lives.

I am grateful to live in a time when we have access to such powerful tools of transformation, and I am passionate about sharing these resources with you.

Here are just a few examples of how I guide others through the following issues:

Written by Kristyn Avalos, spiritual empowerment coach

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Additional Resources

Here are some additional resources about tapping and energy healing:

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