If You Want It, You Will Never Get It ! At Least Get What You Think!   Why To Loose Want!

If You Want It, You Will Never Get It ! At Least Get What You Think! Why To Loose Want!

At the end of my last Blog, I mentioned that I wanted to discuss a word that needed to be discussed. I had gotten a little long so decided to wait till this Blog. This word is used very often in our world and is one we really need to reconsider. The word I am talking about is the word want. How often do you use it? I bet much more often than you realize! Since I have realized this and started working hard on this word. Yes, I used it way too often! As well as other words ( try, from the last Blog) that will be discussed in the near future. Once I started listening almost everyone uses this to extremes. This is for a few different reasons that we will discuss.

   For one reason, we have no idea that we should not be using it. Then there is the fact that it is one of the first words most of us learn as a child. " I want this! " I want that!"  Parents ask us " Do you want  a cookie?"  " Do you have to go to the potty?" So we are programmed to use this word and that it is ok. It has been proven that most of our learning is before the age of 6 years old. How many times did someone ask you or did you say want prior to the age of 6? I can bet maybe one or two.....thousand! or many more. That will program you in a huge way! So the word want is ingrained into our subconscious as well as other words, habits. ideas, traits, and so on. As well as the word "TRY" that I discussed in a prior Blog. So we have these words programmed into our subconscious, we believe they are a good normal word. I wonder why we use them so often with no thought?

   Let us start out with the old Rolling Stones song, " You Can't Always Get What You Want".  Well, guess what? It is true!! This is a very true statement, just think about it a little bit. Just the title of the song gives us the answer to the issue. You see you NEVER really ever get what you want. The want creates the desire of wanting something. Now you get the experience of wanting. So that is what you get wanting! It does not matter what it is you think you want, you receive and experience, wanting what you want! A dog chases its tail why? Because he WANTS it! Will he ever catch it or get it? Probably not! At least in most cases! He can chase all he WANTS and all he will experience is wanting his tail. It is the same with us. It does not matter how bad you want something, you will just receive the experience of wanting it. That's all! Want as an experience.!

   I looked up a few definitions to assist in this discussion. This is a few I found from a couple of different sources.
To have a strong longing for:
To be without what is required, or essential:
the condition of lacking a needed or usual amount:
The condition of being extremely poor:
have a desire to possess or do (something); wish for:
ought, should, or need to do something:
a desire for something:

When you read the above a few of the words used are also a couple of words I will be covering in an upcoming Blog. So it takes other words we are best not to use to define want. That is not a good sign! Also if we look at some of the other ones they use the words Lack, wish, poor, to be without. Ok so we use the word want and it describes lack! Lack is a very low vibration word! It also does put us in the vibration of lack, which is the opposite of abundance! We are telling ourselves and the universe we are in lack! When we are in vibration or in a place of lack, what do we attract?  Any ideas?  When it comes to everything, like attracts like! So we are in lack so we attract more lack! By using the word want we are attracting lack or more lack! Is this what you truly WANT? Yes, I wrote that on purpose ;)  

   Now that we covered all this what do we do about it? To be honest it is a very hard long road! I have worked on this for a long time. It does get easier, however, I still catch myself using it on occasions ( as well as the word try), I do notice a difference and you will as well when you stop using that word. We have to remember we have been programmed to use it since we were born. At least many of us have! I have looked for words to use instead, as of yet have not found the perfect replacement. The challenge comes because many of the words that can replace want are also in low vibration and create lack. For example wish, desire, yearning, longing, demand. are all not a good replacement. What I have been doing is doing my best to just change the way I say or even look at the situation. For example, instead of " I want a cookie"  I am changing it to " I choose to have a cookie" or " I am going to have a cookie" The best word in most situations is choose (  Chosen, choosing)  or to have! When we change the situation around to where we have it or it is on the way. That changes the vibration and gets rid of the lack. All this is a hard habit to change, yet well worth it! One way to help stay on track is to always remember like attracts like Ask yourself if you choose to continue to have lack!  Her is another thing I have been using and saying to myself " When I was younger I use to use the word want, I am glad I do not use it anymore!" Or " In the past, I use to........."  Even if it is not 100% accurate at this time, it will be! This works much better than continuing on our same path! Which reminds me of the saying " if you keep doing (saying) what you have always done ( said) you will always have what you have always had! "  

   I am sure you found this information mind opening! I know that it may be a challenging change! Yet very worth it! That is if you decide to make the change!  I am looking forward to sharing more helpful information with you! Make sure you attract what you choose and not what you WANT!

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 Have an amazing day!

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