Do You Really NEED it? I bet not! Your Speaking Ability Just Got Real Tough!

Do You Really NEED it? I bet not! Your Speaking Ability Just Got Real Tough!

The 2019 Spring Equinox and the March Super Full Moon just passed and the energy changes are crazy! I have talked to many people who have had some huge shifts and releases. I believe the energy levels have risen a little as well. Prior to this, people including myself were so tired and wore out, just exhausted! These changes are being well received! You may say that these shifts and new energy were much NEEDED! I will touch on that shortly! I hope you have had some pleasant changes releases as well!

In February I was honored to be Interviewed on a Local Madison WI TV show, Wisconsin Women. Which I would say is a local version of the View, The other day I was able to get a link to the Love Lingo portion. If you would like to see the short 5-minute clip of the interview about Love Lingo click It turned out well and you can have a short glimpse into the Love Lingo Story and what inspired it. I would appreciate it if you enjoy it if you would share it as well. Thank you!

In the last 2 Blogs we have discussed 2 words that you will be better off NOT using in your vocabulary at all. Those 2 words are the words TRY and Want! How have you been doing on not using them? It is not easy, is it? I had struggled myself! Remember this is a Life long habit, so makes it very hard to change. We were even programmed to use them prior to the age of 6, which makes it even harder. If you are confused here or missed the last 2 Blogs go back and read them here

In this Blog we are going to continue our conversation on words we need to stop using. There will be a few more as we move along as I have a list of 10 so far. I am planning on taking a short break after this and maybe focus on a few Positive High Vibe Words in the next few to come. That is unless I am guided in a different direction between now and then. Do you have an idea of the direction we are heading today? I have given you a couple of hints. If you missed it maybe you NEED to pay closer attention ;) Yes! today's word is NEED!

Now sit back close your eyes and say the word need. How does it make you feel? What does it make you think of? Does it feel good? My guess is NO! Why? Here again, we have a word of low vibration. It is also a word we are programmed to use. Many times it is truly mis-used! Let us look at the definition. NEED...3.See lack. 4. Need, necessity imply a want, a lack, or a demand, which must be filled. Need, a word of Old English origin, has connotations that make it strong in emotional appeal: the need to be appreciated. need The perceived requirement for an activity, function or thing. Looking at the definition there is no wonder we do not have a good feeling when we use or say the word need!

It says need, also see Lack! So you see need has the vibration of lack. It is a perceived requirement, a strong emotional appeal! So when you say you need something, you are saying that you lack it. It is tied to you emotionally, thus the way it makes you feel! You DO NOT have it! It gives you a desire to have it. If you continually do not have it and desire it, it will never show up. It is a never-ending cycle. You, much like want, end up experiencing the need of needing it. When it comes to goals and dreams if we need it, we do not have it, so we experience the need of not having it, so it will not come to us. By using the word need we are actually telling yourself and the universe that we/you NEED it, that is it, just need it! That you choose to have the lack of NOT having it and live with the desire or in this case let us say WANT! Oops! There we go down that rabbit hole! When we use words of low vibration and of lack that is what we are saying we choose. We must Choose things! In this case, we Need to Choose instead of need! This is a hard word to replace! After some time you will see other ways of talking and notice a difference in how things show up in your life.

It may be argued that the body needs food to survive. This is true, however, that still brings in the vibration of lack. Yes, the body survives on food, It keeps us alive, nourishes us, and gives us energy. Note I did not say need and it sounded and feels much better saying it that way instead of Needing food, didn't it? In the case of food, I guess you could use that in a fight to say we should use the word in this situation. That being said will just give an excuse to work it in and justify using it all the time.

I understand that this may be a hard habit to break! I work on it all the time, it does get easier! I can and I know you will notice a difference by changing your words. We have to remember those words are telling us, our subconscious, other people, as well as the Universe that we have and choose lack! Then we wonder why LACK is what we have! If things are going to change we must change as well! If we keep doing the same things we will always have the same things!

Words are and have a vibration, just look at the Emoto water study! I the last 3 Blogs I have taken away 3 of probably the 3 most used words used by everyone! If you do not believe me just listen to how you talk, your self-talk, and how others talk. You will be very surprised! The other day when talking to someone they said Try 5 times, want 6 times and need 3 times in about a 2-minute conversation. This will be a real eye opener for many of you! It sure was for me! I will be hard if you commit to changing your speech habit, but it will be worth it. Note I just used 2 words that may be discussed sometime in the future ;)

I will end this Blog wishing you the best in your word choices and changes. I am looking forward to how you are doing with them and how your life has transformed. Have an amazing Blessed Loving day! Thank You! World Peace!

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